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This Artist Is Fighting Trump, Homophobia and Masc4Masc Culture With Cats

J. Morrison is a Brooklyn-based political artist and cat lover whose HOMOCATS art project is aimed at resisting homophobia and Trump

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Week In Review: Cher Drops Gayest Album Ever, These Gay Penguins Just Want a Family

In this week’s top stories, we take a look at a very hunky vet plus Cher’s great new album and surprisingly shaped buildings

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Editors' Picks
The Web Is Freaking Out: This Gain Commercial Is Training Kids to Be Jock-Sniffing Sex Pigs

A newly released Gain jockstrap commercial shows a young boy sniffing his dad’s jockstrap, right after his dad takes a pleasing whiff of its scent

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Pride Style
Make Your Booty Proud Wearing These Fun Pride Underwear Lewks

From rainbow glitter jock briefs to classic boxer briefs with Pride-inspired accents.

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