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Marlon Bundo’s Going to Every Elementary School in Indiana Thanks to the ‘Will and Grace’ Showrunner

We hope the Vice President’s pet bunny’s ready to hop back home; Max Mutchnick just bought copies of John Oliver’s book for every Indiana school

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John Oliver Trolls VP Pence by Releasing a Children’s Book About His Gay Pet Rabbit

You may not have known this, but our anti-gay Vice President Mike Pence owns a pet rabbit named Marlon Bundo. Today, an illustrated children’s book about him entitled Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President is released. So, to troll the Veep, comedian John Oliver released a[…]

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RuPaul Helps John Oliver Spread the Word on How Important Postal Inspectors Are

On the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver RuPaul makes an appearance to explain the importance of postal inspectors

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With Her ‘Will & Grace’ Comment, Megyn Kelly Proves She’s Still Annoying AF

The former Fox News anchor has people riled up for referring to a ‘Will & Grace’ superfan as “turned gay” by the show

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Yes, Guys Are Still Uploading Reddit Dick Pics to Protest the NSA

These Reddit dick pics have been around for a while, but with Cheeto Jesus at the helm of the executive branch, protesting has never been more important

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Gay Men Eviscerate Comedian John Oliver’s Self-Esteem (Video)

Billy Eichner took to the streets of New York to ask gay men an important question: “Do you care about John Oliver?” The results were hilarious.

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VIDEO: There’s No Actual Education In American Sex Education

Let’s talk about sex… education classes. Just like actual sex, they can be uncomfortable, uninformative and quite unsatisfactory, but it sure beats talking to your parents about sex, right? John Oliver, the host of HBO’s comic news show Last Week Tonight recently covered the ridiculous inconsistencies and anti-gay attitudes in American sex education classes — turns[…]

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