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Leave John Travolta Alone: The World Needs to End Its Obsession With His Sexuality

The year is 2018, and we should all be past whether or not celebrities are ‘out’ or ‘in’

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This Massage Therapist Has Accused John Travolta of Groping and ‘Releasing’ Onto Him

A Twitter user has spoken of alleged sexual misconduct involving a John Travolta massage therapist, the latest in a string of similar allegations

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5 Ways Carrie Fisher Helped the LGBTQ Community

Carrie Fisher wasn’t just Princess Leia in a golden bikini—her real-life activism made her a hero to countless straight and queer people alike.

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Grease: The Cult Musical About Naughty Kids Made by Randy Adults

Grease oozes with baby boomer nostalgia and kitschy teen optimism. But as shiny as it is, the true story was truly dark.

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