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This Emcee at a National LGBTQ Journalist Event Called Trans Attendees ‘Things and Its’

An emcee named Marshall McPeek speaking at the NLGJA conference for LGBTQ journalists referred to trans and non-binary attendees as ‘things and its’

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The Journalist Who Reported the Murder of Brandon Teena Now Calls Her Original Story Transphobic

In 1994, lesbian journalist Donna Minkowitz reported the death of trans man Brandon Teena. Her story inspired ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ but it was deeply flawed

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Cher Once Saw Meryl Streep Go ‘Completely Nuts’ and Save a Woman From a Male Attacker

Cher and Meryl Streep were once involved in an attack against a thug, according to Streep who recently shared her story at a journalism awards conference

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Gay Chechnya Journalist Won’t Be Deported Back to His Homophobic Home Country — For Now

Khudoberdi Nurmatov, a gay journalist covering the anti-LGBTQ purge in Chechnya, has temporarily avoided deportation back to his homophobic home country

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