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The 30 Best Celebrity Underwear Bulges of the 21st Century

This Sunday is National Underwear Day, and to celebrate we thought we’d do some research and compile this list of the 30 best celebrity bulges — for science

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Boys Can’t Have Long Hair, Including Justin Timberlake’s Son, According to Internet Trolls

Timberlake was dad-shamed for posting a picture on Instagram of his wife, Jessica Biel, and son, Silas, who was sporting some long, curly locks.

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Here’s What Critics Are Saying About Justin Timberlake’s New Album (Hint: They Hate It)

Incredulity for Timberlake’s douche-factor aside, Man of the Woods reviews can’t help but slam the new record for just being a shoddy musical turnout

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5 Divas We’d Rather See Perform on the Super Bowl Halftime Stage Than Justin Timberlake

Here’s our wish list of five divas who are far more deserving to be on that Super Bowl Halftime Show stage than Justin Timberlake

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