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“Chloe” Creator Drew Droege Loves Villains and Monsters

We sit down with Drew Droege, the creator of the strangely hilarious “Chloe” videos featuring weird stories of celebrity.

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PHOTOS: The Lesbian Kiss for Russia/Ukraine Peace That’s Rockin’ the Web

This beautiful photo of a kiss has gone viral! We’ve got the backstory for you… along with more pictures by the photographer sure to make you wanna kiss someone!

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VIDEO: Gay Couple’s Smooch On Dodgers’ Kiss Cam Gets Wild Applause!

It’s great that the spectators were so accepting, especially considering that the major leagues themselves have no publicly out gay or bisexual players.

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FCKH8 Kind of Creeps Us Out With Gay 12-Year-Olds’ Kiss

FCKH8, we love you. We really do. You’ve provided us with classic blog headline fodder like FCKh8 FCK’s the FCKing Don’t Say Gay Bill. Big props, really. Your latest neon masterpiece starts off so well. We’re with you on valid sensational points like “hanging with black people makes you blacker”[…]

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Gene Simmons and His Partner Make Us Uncomfortable on ‘The Joy Behar Show’

We have no idea what is going on between KISS rocker Gene Simmons and his female partner of 28 years…they appeared on the Joy Behar Show, and it was just plain weird. They were either a really sad pair, or this was a poorly acted promotion for their new reality[…]

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