Kobe Bryant

All Gay Slurs Not Created Equal in the NBA

Apparently all gay slurs are not created equal in the National Basketball League. Joakim Noah was fined $50,000 for yelling “F*ck you, faggot” at a fan last week. This was 50% less than Kobe Bryant was fined by the NBA for calling a referee a “f*cking faggot” last month, giving the impression […]

Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah to Fan: ‘F*ck You, Faggot’

You may recall the insane amounts of media coverage that ensued after gay blogs reported that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant called a referee a faggot on live television. Bryant was fined $100,000 and issued a total non-apology. In the ensuing weeks, many athletes and ancillary figures in the […]

Kobe Responds to Fine, and Doesn’t Really Apologize

Why is it that public figures don’t simply say “I’m sorry” when they do something detestable? Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for calling a referee a “f*cking f*ggot” in a game this week, and has decided to appeal the fine which he calls “protypical protocol.” However, in a radio interview with ESPN, Kobe […]

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Kobe Bryant Calls Ref ‘Fucking Faggot’ On TV

*UPDATED BELOW* Kobe Bryant called referee Bennie Adams a “fucking faggot” last night after he was given his fourth foul of the night. Bryant threw a temper tantrum on the sidelines and yelled out the anti-gay epithet before TNT’s game commentator’s told the cameramen “to take the camera off of […]