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Soulja Boy Calls Fans ‘White Faggots’ On Facebook

Rapper Soulja Boy clearly hasn’t been paying attention to the news for the past week or so. I mean, how could he miss THIS? Picking up where Kobe Bryant and Tracy Morgan left off, Soulja Boy took to his Facebook page to give us all another steaming pile of homophobia.[…]

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All Gay Slurs Not Created Equal in the NBA

Apparently all gay slurs are not created equal in the National Basketball League. Joakim Noah was fined $50,000 for yelling “F*ck you, faggot” at a fan last week. This was 50% less than Kobe Bryant was fined by the NBA for calling a referee a “f*cking faggot” last month, giving the impression[…]

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Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah to Fan: ‘F*ck You, Faggot’

You may recall the insane amounts of media coverage that ensued after gay blogs reported that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant called a referee a faggot on live television. Bryant was fined $100,000 and issued a total non-apology. In the ensuing weeks, many athletes and ancillary figures in the[…]

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NBA Stars Against Anti-Gay Language

It’s great to see NBA players confronting homophobia head on, even as Kobe Bryant dances around his offensive display. This PSA is a win!

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Kobe Responds to Fine, and Doesn’t Really Apologize

Why is it that public figures don’t simply say “I’m sorry” when they do something detestable? Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for calling a referee a “f*cking f*ggot” in a game this week, and has decided to appeal the fine which he calls “protypical protocol.” However, in a radio interview with ESPN, Kobe[…]

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Kobe Bryant Calls Ref ‘Fucking Faggot’ On TV

*UPDATED BELOW* Kobe Bryant called referee Bennie Adams a “fucking faggot” last night after he was given his fourth foul of the night. Bryant threw a temper tantrum on the sidelines and yelled out the anti-gay epithet before TNT’s game commentator’s told the cameramen “to take the camera off of[…]

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