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Buggery, Sodomy and Cross-Dressing, Oh My: A Timeline of Gay Criminalization in America

The history of gay criminalization in the United States — mostly in the form of anti-sodomy laws — is a complex one, but let’s break it all down

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Ted Cruz Is A Compulsive Masturbator Who Tried To Ban Dildos

The true story of how Ted Cruz tried to keep dildos from being sold in his state… and the roommate who outed him as a regular chicken choker.

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President Obama, of All People, Should Know That Some Rights Can’t Be Left to the States

In 1961, when Barack Hussein Obama II was born in the brand new State of Hawaii, laws on the books in 22 of the other 49 United States forbade the marriage of his White American mother to his Black Kenyan father. Arizona’s anti-miscegenation law prohibiting marriage between whites and any persons[…]

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Montana Votes To Not Decriminalize Homosexuality

Just so we’re all on the same page here, the United States Supreme Court effectively decriminalized homosexuality in 2003 (Gosh, that was recent). Walker Texas Ranger Lawrence v. Texas invalidated state laws throughout the country that made same-sex activity between consenting adults illegal. Dunzo. Peace! Some states refuse to read the[…]

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Louisiana Vs. Anal Sex

Despite 2003’s Lawrence v. Texas striking down laws banning gay sex practically everywhere, Louisiana still has an archaic law “Crime Against Nature” law on the books that lumps oral and anal sex between consenting adults right in with bestiality. The 200 year old law is being challenged by a group of[…]

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