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The New Zelda Game ‘Breath of the Wild’ Has a Character That Talks You Out of Suicide

‘Breath of the Wild’ makes the amazing choice to provide a character willing to talk Link out of suicide — and shows us how games can change the world

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6 Queer Video Game Hookups That Need to Happen

Find out which six video game couples we TOTALLY ship. If you don’t write fan-fic, that just means we think they should hookup for some sweet, sweet lovin’.

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PICS: Spanish Artist Nacho Diaz Combines Classic Films With Vintage Video Games

What do you get when you cross games like The Legend of Zelda with movies like The Godfather? Let Spanish artist Nacho Diaz show you with his pop t-shirts!

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PHOTOS: What If Female Video Game Characters Had Real Bodies?

In video games, female waistlines & cup sizes are way unrealistic. Bulimia.com reverse-Photoshopped some beloved female game characters. What do you think?

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