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Remember That Time Luigi Was Said to Be Promoting Lesbianism in a Video Game?

The Italian plumber was pegged as a supporter of lesbian rights due to his appearance in a 2003 video game

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The Gayest Episode of ‘Married… With Children’ Introduced Marcy’s Lesbian Lookalike Cousin

The Season 11 episode “Lez Be Friends” saw Amanda Bearse play both Marcy D’Arcy and her openly lesbian cousin, Mandy

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These 5 Sex Scenes Prove ‘Game of Thrones’ Is the Most Sexually Inclusive Show on TV

HBO’s violent fantasy series has used queer sex scenes to actually develop its characters and plot

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3 Out of 4 Ain’t Bad: Queer Characters Won Big at Last Night’s 2019 Oscars

Last night, three of the night’s four big acting awards went to actors who portrayed queer characters on the big screen

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10 LGBTQ Documentaries You Might’ve Missed in 2018, About Punks, Playwrights & More

Breaking out from the blockbuster limelight, unbeknownst to many it’s been a great year for LGBTQ documentaries

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The Katharine Hepburn Film ‘Stage Door’ Was Surprisingly Queer for 1937

The 1937 film ‘Stage Door’ is one of Katherine Hepburn’s sweetest films and a surprisingly queer one, given the era in which it was made

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Could Marvel Finally Be Bringing Queer Superheroes to TV?

Queer Marvel superheroes might soon appear on television, including one with pansexual genderqueer villain Loki

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No, Lesbians Actually Don’t Move in Together Right Away

Cancel the U-Haul.

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Client Attacks Gay Photographer: ‘You Homos are Trying to Ruin This Country!’

“You have no business photographing babies and innocent children!”

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‘Will & Grace’ Has Cast Comedian Chelsea Handler as a ‘High-Powered Lesbian’ for Next Season

The comedian, who rose to fame with her own E! late-night talk show, will play a client of Grace’s design firm

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