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Older Gay Men Are Sort of Having a Moment on TV Right Now

TV once focused on gay teens and young adults, but thanks to shows like ‘West 40s,’ ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Silver Foxes,’ older gay men are getting screen time

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How Common Is Dementia Among LGBT Seniors? A New Study Bears Interesting Results

There are more than two million LGBT seniors in America, and experts say that number will double in the next 15 years.

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A Gay Male Version of ‘The Golden Girls’ Could Soon Appear on TV

Many gay viewers already love “The Golden Girls,” but we might soon get a similar TV sitcom about four retirement-age gay men living together

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Not Attracted to Older Men? Here’s What You’re Missing…

Older men aren’t seen as sexually attractive in gay media, but the consequences of that are much higher than young people realize

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Meet QueerWise: The LGBT Senior Citizens’ Spoken Word Brigade

QueerWise is Los Angeles-based group of queer, senior spoken word performers who are nothing like other LGBT elderly groups. Come learn more…

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These 10 Silver Daddies Wanna Tell You Some Secrets… (NSFW)

These hot, sexy daddies wanna teach you everything you need to know about getting older…

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Marcus Bachmann On Silver Daddies

A good barbarian is hard to find. Ex-gay therapist and husband of Michele Bachmann, Marcus “gays are barbarians” Bachmann is the butt of a clever prank over at Silver Daddies. Someone tell Cher!

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