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The LGBT Olympians Won More Medals Than Anti-LGBT Countries Did

Even when you combine the team sports medals, the 15 medals won by “Team LGBT” outnumber those won by countries that criminalize LGBT sex.

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Angry Birds Take on Unrest in the Middle East

We knew that the international coalition taking on Libya is actually fronted by the Angry Birds! There’s a video that’s attacking the viral charts right now, and it is one of those instant classics that take pop culture and current events and slams them together with a wicked show of[…]

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AP Video of Libyan Woman Being Arrested

Read more about the woman’s claims of sexual assault and why the US had to get involved in Nick’s blog post.

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Libyan Woman Dragged Off While Speaking About Being Raped

There has been a lot of vitriol coming from Republicans over the past week about Obama’s decision to join an international intervention in the escalating conflict in Libya. Various 2012 Republican hopefuls are leveling charges of indecision, lack of plan, and disregard for checks and balances. They are accusing Obama[…]

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