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These Two Guys Are Literally Risking Lives With a Fake News Story About the Flu Vaccine

One of the most viral stories on Facebook right now is from a fake news site discouraging folks from getting the flu vaccine — the site is gay owned (ugh)

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Watch Trump’s Anti-Gay Dutch Ambassador Get Caught Lying on National Television

Watch and smile as the anti-gay U.S. Ambassador to Holland Pete Hoekstra lies (and is caught) twice on camera during a televised interview — what a fool

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Austin Pastor Pretty Much Lied About Whole Foods “Fag” Cake

Remember the pastor who claimed that Whole Foods wrote “fag” on a cake of his? Yeah, he made the whole thing up and he’s hardly even a real pastor to begin with.

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Can You Cuddle the Gay Away? (Seriously)

The fact that Ex-Gay Therapy is universally denounced as harmful and scientifically unsound (Re: bullshit) by every single national medical, psychological and psychiatric organization doesn’t stop loonies like Marcus Bachmann from giving it the old college try. Ex-Gay Conversion Therapy relies heavily on Christian teachings to…you know what? It doesn’t[…]

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