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These Cute Animals Fiercely Resist Trump

On Twitter and in real life, one group is joining the resistance against Donald Trump’s political agenda: cute, fluffy animals.

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The 15 Hottest Men Who Love Dogs on Instagram

Men love dogs, and we love men who love dogs. And dogs love everybody! Let’s all form a big cuddle-puddle!

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VIDEO: Adorkable Gay Marriage Proposal on Beijing Subway

Even though gay marriage is illegal in China, spectators still cheered on a male couple who got engaged on a public subway car. Is the country changing?

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PHOTOS: Snow Leopards Are Big, Fluffy, Endangered Kitties

It’s time to set your phasers to ‘squee!’ We’ve got a whole bunch of adorable pictures of snow leopards for you, and info on how you can help them out!

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PHOTOS: Pangolins Are Scaly, Adorable and Endangered. But You Can Help!

Pangolins might not be furry, but they sure are cute! Squee along with us, and find out how you can help them survive!

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Our Furry Friend The Red Panda Is Going Extinct, But You Can Help!

These ridiculously cute pictures of the red panda will make you go ‘Squeee!’ and also help you learn about why they’re so cool and how to help them survive!

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Meow Mix: Kittens on DJ Decks!

‘Enuff said:

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Cookie the Penguin Gets Excited – Payoff at End

Little Cookie gets very excited to see her trainer – what until the end, the payoff is sweet! Would you want a baby penguin?

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Guiltiest Dog In the World

Denver! How could you?! The face fits the crime in this searing mystery-thriller about the case of the missing kitty treats! What do you think of this amazingly guilty dog? Via Towleroad

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Stallion Semen Energy Drink Is A Tasteful Alternative

Red Bull may give you wings, but stallion semen gives you balls. Or at least that’s the thinking behind a new energy drink making its debut in New Zealand. The drink, available in cherry, licorice and banoffee (think banana cream pie), is served in flavored shots to combat that heavy[…]

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