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Sapiosexuals and 5 Other Sexualities You Might Not Understand

Are you graysexual, autosexual or objectumsexual? Find out in our small glosssary of other sexualities, and find out why these words are socially important

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Maricón and Proud: How I Reclaimed the Word That Tormented My Childhood

That word has power, but so do I.

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Twitter Is Abuzz With Talk of ‘Big Dick Energy,’ But What Is It?

Twitter users have begun talking a lot about big dick energy, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do with penises, men or even sex

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Believe It Or Not, What You Know as the ‘British Accent’ Is Only About 200 Years Old

On last night’s ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ Monet X Change attempted to explain the origin of the British accent

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New York City Bar Threatens to Throw Out Patrons Who Use the Word ‘Literally’

The Continental Bar literally has threatened to throw out patrons who use the word ‘literally’ meaning we’d literally last less than five minutes there

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Japan’s Top Dictionary Gives a Wrong Definition For ‘LGBT’

The Kojien dictionary just released a new edition with a wrong definition for ‘LGBT’ — it also says ‘love’ is between a man and woman

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Let’s Not Forget That Serial Sex Abuser Louis C.K. Is Also Really Fond of a Certain Gay Slur

Mexican-American comedian Louis C.K. has admitted to masturbating in front of female colleagues and in 2010 he defended his use of the slur ‘faggot’

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Teenagers Use Misogynistic and Homophobic Language, and New Research Reveals Why

Data was collected through 10 focus groups in a large midwestern American city, including young men, women and gender-neutral persons

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The Chinese Communist Party Wants to Say ‘Comrade’ Again But It’s Too Gay

The Chinese Communist Party wants to bring back the old-fashioned form of address “comrade,” but there’s one problem: it’s too gay

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Merriam-Webster Reminds Us About Old-Timey Gender-Neutral Pronoun ‘Thon’

Merriam-Webster’s Twitter account made a post yesterday remembering the loss of “thon,” a proposed gender-neutral pronoun used in the 1930s

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