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7 Times TV Got HIV-Positive Characters Right (and 1 Series That Never Bothered)

Every once in a while a TV show gets it right, like with these stand-out characters throughout decades of television

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It’s Been 5 Years Since the Groundbreaking (and Divisive) TV Series ‘Looking’ Premiered on HBO

Despite being a trailblazing series for queer visibility, it was also divisive among the audience it aimed to represent and serve

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Rotten Tomatoes Lays Out the Top 10 LGBTQ Films and TV Shows of the Current Decade

This Pride Month, Rotten Tomatoes is celebrating our community by curating a list of top 10 LGBTQ films and top 10 LGBTQ TV shows since 2010

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Let’s Celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’ With Our 10 Favorite Gay Guy-Straight Girl Friendships

In honor of the eighth annual Galentine’s Day, we’ve picked ten of our favorite relationships between gay men and their straight female best friends.

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10 Super Gay Film Moments That Happened Since Last Year’s Oscars

We take a look at some of our favorite super gay film moments since last year’s Oscars, many of which were overlooked by the Academy

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PICS: Russell Tovey Strips Down to His Undies in ABC’s ‘Quantico’

The ABC network knows its viewers want man-candy, that’s why they show man-action on Shoda Rhimes How To Get Away With Murder and openly gay actor Russell Tovey strutting around in undies on their terrorism thriller Quantico. Since HBO’s Looking went off the air, Tovey has popped up on Quantico as Harry[…]

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Looking For ‘Looking’ Star Jonathan Groff’s Penis? Here It Is!

Sure, HBO’s Looking doesn’t shy away from male nudity, but neither does star Jonathan Groff, and we’ve got some great pics!

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3 Huge Spoilers From The Looking Movie Finale

Why wait for until July 23 to see the feature-length series finale? We’ve got all the things you wanna know right here.

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The Top 20 Films from the Frameline Film Festival

This week is Frameline, the world’s largest LGBTQ film festival — and here’s our guide to the must-see films!

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LGBT Movie Awards Just As White As Every Other Awards

The Dorians honor the best in LGBTQ TV and film. Sadly (as with the Oscars) there isn’t much diversity to be found there either.

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