Beyonce 2011 MTV VMAs

The 10 Most Buzzworthy VMA Performances of All Time

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards are happening tonight. The event generated instant buzz when free spirit and newly-minted pop icon Miley Cyrus was announced as the host, and then again when Nicki Minaj went on a Twitter rant after her “Anaconda” video failed to score a Video of the […]

What Inspires Lady Gaga – Infographic

Meat dresses and balloon dresses and uh…mirror dresses don’t just waft our of the foam along the shores of Lady Gaga’s brain, donchaknow. Behind every great artist (and every great infographic) lies a fit of inspiration! What inspires YOU?

Weird Al Yankovic Spoofs Lady Gaga: Perform This Way

Weird Al Yankovic puts Lady Gaga back on the defense for borrowing heavily from Madonna in Born This Way. Depending on your comfort level with seeing Weird Al’s dismembered head CGI’d onto a dancing woman’s body, you’ll either love or hate Perform This Way. Personally, we’re in the “Weird Al […]

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Don’t Cry For Me, Speaker Boehner

Sean Chapin, the YouTube rising star who brought us the Target Anti-Gay Born This Way Remix, is at it again. He personally dropped off his newest video at the Unicorn Booty Stable. OK, he emailed it to us. Whatever. Feast your eyes and ears on Don’t Cry For Me, Speaker […]

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How Many Songs Are Hiding In Born This Way?

How many songs can you find in Born This Way? Listen on, brave unicorns, to hear what musical treasures YouTube star Cheeks has managed to unearth. Go Cheeks Go! Pretty good pipes on the boy. Props, brotherman! Did Cheeks miss anything?

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New DJ Skiddle 2/15!

DJ Skiddle just sent us a brand spanking new mix to help you make it through the work week. Plug in your headphones and get to jamming at your desk! Skiddle Spins Unicorn Booty 2-15-11 by djskiddle Lisa Dank – On the Radio (Sammy LaForge Mix) Bruno Mars – Gernade […]

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What Do Gaga, Madonna And Streisand Have In Common?

While we really enjoyed Lady Gaga’s interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes just prior to the Grammy Awards last night, it’s what didn’t make the air that has us all googoo for Gaga. The footage that didn’t make it to the tele thankfully didn’t wind up on the cutting […]