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Still Here, Still Queer: The Rise (and Rise) of LGBTQ Zine Culture

They’re a protest against normality and censorship, and queer zines are still a valued format for sharing uncensored art, fashion, photography and politics

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The Race Car Driver Who Mocked His Dress-Wearing Nephew Just Appeared on the Cover of ‘GQ’ in a Kilt

Lewis Hamilton is trying to make amends for his bad deeds, and in doing so, has just appeared on the cover of British GQ in a kilt

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Before There Was Tumblr There Was ‘BUTT’ Magazine, Now Getting the Documentary Treatment

The new documentary explores the pink-paper zine, its impact on the cultural landscape and even its failings for queers of color

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RuPaul’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Cover Just Beat Out 277 Other Magazines for a National Award

When the American Society of Magazine Editors posted a Facebook poll to determine the Reader’s Choice Award, there could be only one: RuPaul

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Bogotá Isn’t Only a Gay-Friendly City, It Also Has Sexy AF Queer Men (Photos)

In Elska Bogotá, the intellectual queer pin-up mag and sexy anthropology journal takes an intimate look at 17 hot local dudes

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Here Are 12 More Stars We Would Prefer as ‘People’ Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2017

Since people loved our first list, we decided to feature 12 more sexy men that would be much better picks as the Sexiest Man Alive than Blake Shelton

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The New Editor of UK Mag ‘Gay Times’ Is Under Fire for a Litany of Offensive Tweets

Josh Rivers, the newly appointed editor of Gay Times, Britain’s oldest gay publication, apparently tweeted a bunch of racist, cruel things in his past

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Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, Dead at 91, Was a Staunch Supporter of Gay Rights

He was the founder of ‘Playboy’ magazine and a figurehead of the progressive movement for sexual liberation, but he was also a gay rights supporter

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These 12 Guys Are Currently the World’s Top Male Models

You may not know these male models by their names, but you’ll recognize their faces from a plethora of magazines, videos and commercials

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WET Was the Weird ’80s Magazine for ‘Gourmet Bathers’

Founded in 1976, Leonard Koren’s magazine WET defined much of the visual design of the upcoming decade — and told the world all about gourmet bathing

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