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Still Here, Still Queer: The Rise (and Rise) of LGBTQ Zine Culture

They’re a protest against normality and censorship, and queer zines are still a valued format for sharing uncensored art, fashion, photography and politics

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The Race Car Driver Who Mocked His Dress-Wearing Nephew Just Appeared on the Cover of ‘GQ’ in a Kilt

Lewis Hamilton is trying to make amends for his bad deeds, and in doing so, has just appeared on the cover of British GQ in a kilt

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Before There Was Tumblr There Was ‘BUTT’ Magazine, Now Getting the Documentary Treatment

The new documentary explores the pink-paper zine, its impact on the cultural landscape and even its failings for queers of color

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RuPaul’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Cover Just Beat Out 277 Other Magazines for a National Award

When the American Society of Magazine Editors posted a Facebook poll to determine the Reader’s Choice Award, there could be only one: RuPaul

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