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New Netflix Show ‘Magic for Humans’ Stages a Trick With a Gay Pup Play Couple

A recently released Magic for Humans pup play scene shows the reality TV show’s host making magic for a gay couple and their kinkster pals

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Alaska’s New Musical Project Is a Witchy Departure from the Usual ‘Drag Race’ Dance Tunes

The beloved ‘Drag Race’ competitor recently formed a musical duo called Alaska & Jeremy and their upcoming album Amethyst Journey sounds magical

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A ‘Buffy’ Showrunner Is Now Saying She Regrets Killing the Show’s Only Lesbian Character

Marti Noxon, a showrunner of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, says she regrets killing off the show’s only lesbian character in Season 6 — yeah, too late now

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Witches Are Forming Covens Across America and Casting Spells for LGBTQ Rights

Across the U.S. witches are forming covens to protest Donald Trump’s politics, hex his bad politics and cast spells for LGBTQ and racial equality

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On Friday, a Mass Ritual Will Attempt to Bind Donald Trump from Doing Harm

On Feb. 24 and every month until he’s removed from office, witches and other magical persons are attempting a mass ritual to bind Donald Trump

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Harry Potter Handles His Wand In Magically Sexy Bedroom Shoot

Photographer Sarah Hester is gonna cast a spell on you with these very sexy pictures of ‘the boy who lived’ all alone in his bedroom!

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VIDEO: The Naked Magician Has An Important Message For You

Luke Sholl is the Naked Magician. He’s naked, he does magic tricks, and he’s got a very important message for you about the importance of vegetables.

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