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Don’t Be Ridiculous: No, HIV-Positive People Aren’t Injecting Their Blood Into Bananas

A nationalist MP in Malta has received backlash on social media after he posted an image warning people of AIDS-infected bananas

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Editors' Picks
The Daily Sting, Monday: Trans Child Registry Proposed in UK, India Could Be Getting PrEP’d

An article calling for a trans registry to “further study the community” was published in the UK, and a new Ariana track has many people talking

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Look at All the Good Gay Things That Happened in 2016

2016 was such a marathon of bad news it became a running gag, but while we’re glad to see the year go, some great gay things happened, too!

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Around the World: Malta Bans Conversion Therapy, Greece Disallows LGBT Discrimination, China Now More Tolerant Than Ever

The tiny European country of Malta has just one-upped the United States by banning ex-gay conversion “therapy” — and becoming the first country in Europe to do so! Good job!

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