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Fandom and the Internet Are Responsible for the Existence of Queer Anime and Manga

While there are a number of outstanding queer anime and manga now, it wasn’t always so — and we have internet anime fans to thank for that

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Week In Review: Cher Drops Gayest Album Ever, These Gay Penguins Just Want a Family

In this week’s top stories, we take a look at a very hunky vet plus Cher’s great new album and surprisingly shaped buildings

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‘That Blue Sky Feeling’ Is a Beautiful Comic About a Blossoming Gay Relationship

Last month, the first volume of ‘That Blue Sky Feeling’ came out, and it’s a beautifully low-key look at a friendship that may become something more

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‘Go For It, Nakamura!’ Is an Adorable Comic About a Gay Japanese Teen

The English translation of ‘Go For It, Nakamura!’ is finally out, and the manga about a gay teen working up the courage to talk to his crush is lovely

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