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Homophobic Boxer Manny Pacquiao Loses His World Title Fight to a Pro-LGBTQ Fighter

Many boxing fans and analysts were disappointed when they read the headline, “Manny Pacquiao loses,” but we’re happy that he lost to a pro-LGBTQ opponent

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Homophobic Filipino Boxing Senator Manny Pacquiao Has a Video Game Coming Out

Homophobic Filipino Senator and pro boxer Manny Pacquiao has a new video game named after him coming out later this month

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10 Ways Companies and World Governments Are Supporting LGBT Culture

In March alone, governments and organizations from Europe, Africa and Asia did things to combat HIV and raise prominent LGBT activists and artists.

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Nike And Adidas Say No To Queerphobia, But Pro-Sports Remains Very Anti-LGBT

Nike and Adidas just took major stands against athletic homophobia. But pro-sports still has less openly LGBT people than the Church or the military.

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