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INFOGRAPHICS: Here’s Your State’s Favorite Kind Of Gay Porn

Does gay self-abusers in your state prefer BDSM or BBC? A set of handy maps makes it easy to see, and the results will surprise you!

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Game of Thrones Google Map = Best Geek Gift Ever

Someone created a Google-style map of the Game of Thrones continent of Westeros, and it’s exactly as awesome as it sounds — and it’s on sale!

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Where To Find The World’s Biggest Boobs, Dongs, Sluts

The world’s biggest penises are in Democratic Republic of Congo, but don’t book that flight to Kinshasa just yet! A new book of maps lays out some of the world’s most interesting statistics.

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A Super Quick History Of Europe’s Same-Sex Marriage Laws

You might think that Europe would be totally okay with same-sex marriage, but the continent’s largely Christian origins complicate things.

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