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Why Don’t We Have a National Ban on ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Yet?

The President and numerous American psychological associations say that reparative therapy seriously harms LGBT people. So why haven’t we banned it yet? Here’s why…

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Sometimes God Tricks You Into Thinking You Like Other Men. God LOVES Pranks!

A word from Michele and Marcus Bachmann about stuffing your soft penis into your wife’s vagina. “God has a plan for everyone. And sometimes he tricks you into thinking you like other men. It’s just a trick! God loves pranks!” Michele and Marcus Bachmann on Homosexuality – watch more funny[…]

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Can You Cuddle the Gay Away? (Seriously)

The fact that Ex-Gay Therapy is universally denounced as harmful and scientifically unsound (Re: bullshit) by every single national medical, psychological and psychiatric organization doesn’t stop loonies like Marcus Bachmann from giving it the old college try. Ex-Gay Conversion Therapy relies heavily on Christian teachings to…you know what? It doesn’t[…]

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Cher (Still) Hates the Bachmanns; (Still) Having Trouble With Twitter & Spelling

Yes, yes, Cher is a legend and the best and ageless and a fierce advocate for gay rights and she totally got snubbed by the Oscars last year and blah blah blah. Nobody is negating that. However, all the Grammys in the world do not a good speller make. Real[…]

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