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10 Songs That Shouldn’t Be Played at a Gay Wedding (Seriously, Just Don’t)

What’s that? You’re planning your big day? While you still have the opportunity, we have some music suggestions.

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50 Years Ago, America Got Its First Look at ‘The Homosexual Couple’

In 1971, Jack Baker and Mike McConnell became the first gay couple to be married—long before marriage equality became legal

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Find a Place to Get Hitched With This Guide to Global Marriage Equality

The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, also known as IGLTA, has been providing free travel resources and information on LGBTQ-welcoming tourism around the world since 1983. The organization’s mission is to promote LGBTQ safety and expand queer tourism globally. Just recently the group published the IGLTA Guide to Global Marriage Equality &[…]

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This Month Marks the 54th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Case that First Tackled Marriage Equality

This is the anniversary that the seminal case Loving v. Virginia was argued; that case legalized interracial marriage and led to same-sex marriage.

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