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Hornet Users Said These Were the Decade’s Top LGBTQ Pop Culture & News Moments

Before the decade came to a close, we asked Hornet users to vote on the top pop culture moments of the 2010s, and here’s what they said.

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Hong Kong: Public Opinion Toward LGBTQ People Is Higher Than Ever

LGBTQ acceptance in Hong Kong is higher than it has ever been, and opposition to LGBTQ legal rights is at a historical low, says new study.

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10 Songs That Shouldn’t Be Played at a Gay Wedding (Seriously, Just Don’t)

What’s that? You’re planning your big day? While you still have the opportunity, we have some music suggestions.

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Watch Mr. Gay Japan 2018 Propose to His Boyfriend at This Year’s Finals Ceremony (Video)

When the reigning Mr. Gay Japan took to the stage at this year’s finals in Tokyo, no one was expecting what followed

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