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Pride Month May Be Over, But It’s Time to Focus on Registering LGBTQ Americans to Vote

America’s LGBTQ community has a rich legacy of grassroots activism and a fighting spirit when it comes to social justice, and we love to herald those traits as indicative of our unique power and sense of community — particularly during Pride Month, which we saw come to a close yesterday.[…]

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49 Years Ago, America Got Its First Look at ‘The Homosexual Couple’

In 1971, Jack Baker and Mike McConnell became the first gay couple to be married—long before marriage equality became legal

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French Miniseries ‘Proud’ Follows a Family During Crucial Moments for LGBTQ Rights

The three-part French miniseries Fiertés, released in the United States as Proud in select cities’ virtual cinemas through Kino Marquee, tells one family’s story over 30 years against the backdrop of three important gay rights decisions in France. It’s a microcosm of struggle where the personal is very much political, and[…]

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This Month Marks the 53rd Anniversary of the Supreme Court Case that First Tackled Marriage Equality

Today is the 53rd anniversary that the seminal case Loving v. Virginia was argued; that case legalized interracial marriage and led to same-sex marriage

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