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17 Stories of Straight Guys’ Gayest Moments Ever, Ranked by Hilarity

Oh, straight guys. When they aren’t promoting lame toxic masculinity or being homophobic, they can actually be real damn funny. Case in point: a Reddit thread from yesterday that posed this question: “As a straight guy, what’s the gayest thing you’ve done?” What followed was some truly hilarious stuff, as[…]

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This Michael Bublé Cover Could Be the Worst Thing Ever to Happen to Christmas

Seriously, have you ever heard the crooner’s cover of “Santa Baby”?

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Leading Psychological Association Says ‘Traditional Masculinity’ Harms Boys and Men

The American Psychological Association has officially linked it to aggression, homophobia and misogyny

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Toxic and Fragile Masculinity Is Literally Making the Earth Toxic and Fragile

We apparently need to make saving the environment masculine since men are apparently rejecting going green as ‘girly’ and we are so over their nonsense

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