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If the ‘Avengers’ Films Had Been Made in the ’90s, How Would It Be Cast?

A meme circling the web has cast its own Avengers franchise but as if the films had been made in the ’90s

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YA Book Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Dick Soap on Twitter

YA Book Twitter is all aflutter over the hot new meme: dick soap — soap shaped like a penis, rather than for your penis — and here’s why

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Was ‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Driven Off Twitter by Homophobic Memes?

The latest trend in memes is to photoshop anti-gay slogans on the ‘Stranger Things’ star; this week, she deactivated her Twitter account

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Here’s How Racist Memes Are Created, Spread and Popularized

A new study funded by the EU has determined that while racist memes typically are born on 4Chan, the infamous The_Donald subreddit makes them popular

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Is This an Article About the ‘Is This a Pigeon?’ Meme?

One of the most popular memes going around is one where a man sees a butterfly and asks ‘Is this a pigeon?’ and here’s the scoop on where it came from

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The Latest Internet Dance Craze Is Full of Hunky Latino Men Thrusting Their Hips

You’ve done Harlem Shake. You’ve done the Whip and Nae Nae. You’ve even Superman-ed that hoe. But are you ready for Scooby Doo Papa?

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The ‘Right in Front of My Salad’ Girl Is Claiming Her Fame and Coming Back for More

The “Right In Front of My Salad” girl is speaking out about what it’s like to be a straight girl in a gay porn and where the infamous line came from.

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Twitter Trolls an Angry Right-Winger with ‘The Future That Liberals Want’

Snarky Twitter users have turned one grumpy right-winger extremist’s anti-diversity message into a funny, surrealistic meme

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The True History of Pusheen, the Animated GIF Cat That’s Taking Over Facebook

Everyone loves the Pusheen cartoons, but what do we really know about her? We did a bit of digging into the past of the Internet’s favorite kitty

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PHOTOS: Prince Finally Embraces The Internet, Joins Instagram

Prince is a music god, but he’s finally descended to the level of us mere mortals and opened an Instagram account — and it’s just as awesome as you’d guess.

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