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Mario Kart Is Currently Trending, But for the Most Horrific of Reasons

The new Stormy Daniels memoir describes Trump’s penis as looking like Toad from Mario Kart, pretty much ruining that video game for everyone

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Megyn Kelly’s New Book Gets Trolled by Trump Supporters on Amazon

The new memoir of the Fox News correspondent has received a large number of one-star reviews on the web retailer

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PICS: Every ‘Graphic Depiction of Sexuality’ From Alison Bechdel’s ‘Fun Home’

Some Duke University freshmen don’t want to read Alison Bechdel’s ‘Fun Home’ because of its ‘graphic visual depictions of sexuality’ — here they are.

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Sex Away the Gay: Cary Grant Liked ‘Being Called Gay’

Cary Grant’s daughter is set to release a memoir about life as the spawn of one of Hollywood’s most well-respected legends, Cary Grant. In it, she admits that Cary Grant actually liked it when people questioned his sexuality, because it “made women want to prove that the assertion was wrong.”[…]

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