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If You’re Super Angry About This New Gillette Commercial, You’re Officially Part of the Problem

The commercial has ginned up the ire of right-wing conservatives, a few right-wing former celebrities and men’s rights activists

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Former Gay Porn Star Logan McCree Has Turned Into a Men’s Rights Activist

It turns out that tattooed gay porn star Logan McCree has moved to Scotland, is dating a woman and is now a men’s rights activist — oh geez

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Denver PrideFest Banned a Men’s Rights Organization From Taking Part

Though Aaron Mello and his Men’s Rights organization Rocky Mountain MRA participated in Denver Pride last year, they’ve been asked not to return

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A Quick Explainer of the Incel Movement, the Saddest Bunch of Hateful Dorks on the Internet

Short for “involuntary celibate,” they’re a group of misogynists who think the world owes them sex

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Alt-Right Transphobe Says the Author of the Trump Tell-All Isn’t Trustworthy Because He Has ‘Gay Face’

The former Vice Media co-founder claims that the author of the new Trump tell-all book isn’t trustworthy because he might be secretly gay

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MRAturday: How MRAs Furiously Struggle Against Diversity in Entertainment

Men’s Rights Activists aren’t big on seeing Black people and women in film. In fact, whenever one appears, they cry “pandering” and “political correctness”.

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MRAturday: Men’s Rights Activists Say The KKK Weren’t Villains

The Men’s Rights movement isn’t only linked to loving misogyny — they’re also big fans of white supremacy.

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MRAturday: How the Men’s Rights Movement Defends Child Molesters

So-called “men’s rights activists” (MRAs) have made a space for EVERYONE in the movement, including child molesters and statutory rapists. Uh-oh…

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MRAturday: Hilariously Sad Tales of Men’s Rights Activism

Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) battle hygiene, fictional robots and age of consent laws. Here’s just one of their hilariously sad side quests.

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The Lafayette Shooting Wasn’t Random: It Was A Hate Crime Against Women

Don’t be fooled. The Lafayette shooter wasn’t a ‘lone wolf’ with ‘mental issues’ who we’ll ‘never understand.’ He admitted his motive: a hatred of women.

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