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In 1984, This Local Coalition Took the Safety of NYC’s Gay Bathhouses Into Its Own Hands

The Coalition for Sexual Responsibility partnered with NYC bathhouse owners to keep their establishments open during the epidemic

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A Leading Cause of Many Bisexuals Staying in the Closet: Other Queer People

A lead researcher on bisexuality recently said that he’s experienced the most biphobia from gay people, and several studies back up his assertion

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Here Are 4 Ways That Mid-Day Napping Can Boost Your Productivity and Mental Health

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of napping — from defeating narcolepsy to boosting productivity, here are several ways naps help your health

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Drinking Beer Can Be Healthy: A Dietician, a Counselor and Two Brewers Tell Us Why

Here are what a registered dietitian, a licensed counselor and two brewers at ‘the first gay brewery in the world’ say about the benefits of beer

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