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Week In Review: Cher Drops Gayest Album Ever, These Gay Penguins Just Want a Family

In this week’s top stories, we take a look at a very hunky vet plus Cher’s great new album and surprisingly shaped buildings

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Mrs. Smith, the First Lady of Heavy Metal Shredding, Wants to Teach You the Bob Ross Technique

In celebration of her debut EP, Hornet sat down with the First Lady of Shred, Mrs. Smith, about her new music video, ‘Bob Ross Technique’

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Black Metal Isn’t For Everyone, But You Might Like This Anti-Fascist Non-Binary Performer

The metal band Gaylord is kicking neo-Nazis and white supremacists out of black metal, replacing them with nonbinary anti-fascists, and we’re here for it

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Meet Ladybeard, Japan’s Crossdressing, Cosplaying, Bodybuilding Pop-Metal Singer

Ladybeard is the most unexpected J-pop idol: his bands Ladybaby and Deadlift Lolita are kawaii-core (or cute-hardcore) starring him, a crossdressing bodybuilder

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