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The 30 Best Celebrity Underwear Bulges of the 21st Century

This Sunday is National Underwear Day, and to celebrate we thought we’d do some research and compile this list of the 30 best celebrity bulges — for science

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Michael Sam Says He Regrets Coming Out as Gay Before the NFL Draft

During a speech at the University of New Mexico, the football player said he regrets coming out when he did

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Slow Your Roll: No, the New Harry Styles Song Doesn’t Necessarily Mean He’s Bi

Some Twitter fans are declaring Harry Styles bisexual because of some newly released song lyrics about dating guys and girls, which is great, but….

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College Linebacker Comes Out: ‘I Can Be Who I Want to Be’

Kyle Kurdziolek is a scholarship football player on the University of St. Francis’ team who recently came out to his family, friends, coaches and teammates

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VIDEO: Michael Sam Goes Back To School, Preps For 2016 NFL Season

Michael Sam said he was retiring from football, now he’s announced he’ll be back next year! Sam is also back at his alma matter getting his masters degree.

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Oh No! Gay Footballer Michael Sam Is Leaving The Sport Indefinitely

After just one week, Sam is leaving the Canadian Football League. Between being rejected by the NFL & breaking up with his fiancé, Sam has had a tough year.

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Gay Football Play ‘Colossal’ Reflects NFL’s Battered Culture Of Masculinity

It’s been nearly a year since Michael Sam became the first openly gay player in the NFL. He lasted exactly one season, and now plays in Canada for the Montreal Alouettes (and reportedly it’s not going so well.) When NFL season officially kicks off next month, there will surely be[…]

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No, Homophobia Didn’t Keep Michael Sam Out Of The NFL

Here’s the SHOCKING TRUTH. Michael Sam, the 2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year, is not actually talented enough for the NFL. Yes, you read that correctly.

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