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For a Long Time a Huge Penis Was Hiding on the Front Page of Bing.com (NSFW)

An eagle-eyed web user spotted a penis hiding on the Bing.com front page, but it was easy to miss and quickly removed after it was discovered

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These Tech Companies Denounce Trump’s Anti-Trans Policies, But They Also Gave Him Money

Google, Facebook and Microsoft, among many other tech companies, have released statements condemning Trump’s anti-trans policies—after giving him money

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Some Companies Opposing NC’s Anti-LGBT Law Also Funded The Politicians Behind It

Four of the big businesses speaking out against North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law also donated to the very politicians who helped get it passed.

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Microsoft Endangers Queer Teens in the Name of Online Safety

New features in the latest upgrade of Windows might spell bad news for queer teens. Households with family accounts will no longer be free to privately use the internet, since parents will receive weekly reports about which sites their kids are visiting (and for how long). This is an amazingly[…]

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The 5 Anti-Gay Boycotts That Failed Spectacularly

Stroll down memory lane with five doomed-to-fail boycotts and some well-deserved mockery.

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