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Editors' Picks
Mexican Porn Actor Alejandro Castillo Talks Porn, Sex and Living With HIV

Porn performer Alejandro Castillo recently created a YouTube channel to explore issues around HIV and sexual health. In his first video he spoke openly about living with HIV. The declaration is groundbreaking, as he is one of the first openly HIV-positive porn actors in Mexico and across Latin America. Castillo[…]

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The AIDS Memorial on Instagram Ensures That Stories of Love and Loss Are Never Forgotten

The page’s founder opens up about why he created the page and why it’s important now more than ever

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Editors' Picks
PrEP in Europe Summit 2019: Sex, The Pill and Getting It Right

The 2019 PrEP in Europe summit convenes in Warsaw, Poland on October 10-12 and it brings together people from all across the continent.

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Imagine a Time and Place Where Queer Sex Is Our Religion

Queer sex as religion: It’s not that farfetched, considering there have been sex cults throughout history. I’ve certainly had sexual experiences that were a million times closer to spiritual than anything I got from 13 years of Catholic school. If AIDS never happened, how might our culture’s relationship to sex[…]

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