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Here’s How Leading Psychologists Say ‘Traditional Masculinity’ Harms Boys and Men

The American Psychological Association has officially linked it to aggression, homophobia and misogyny

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There’s Even More to the Saga of Straight Men Refusing to Wipe Their Butts

We just heard a hilariously disgusting tale about a woman whose husband is so afraid of being gay that he’s against wiping butts, particularly his own

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Are ‘Masc4Masc’ Guys Self-Loathing, Misogynist or Just Role-Playing?

We’ve all seen guys seeking “masc4masc” on hookup apps, but are gay guys who lust after masculinity misogynist or just living out a fantasy?

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Symone Sanders Got Insufferable D-Bag Milo Yiannopoulos Kicked Out of This Political Conference

Cultural pundit Symone Sanders got toxic gay douchebag Milo Yiannopoulos disinvited from the Politicon political conference for being a white supremacist

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