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‘Bud Sex’ Is What Some Straight Guys Call Having Sex With Each Other

A sociology doctorate recently interviewed 19 men from white, conservative, rural areas about ‘bud-sex’, a heterosexual way of having gay sex.

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It’s a Sweet Story How This Closeted High School Swimmer Ended Up With the Football Captain

A high school swimmer named Hunter Sigmund was closeted and scared until he came out to Jake Bain, the openly gay football captain — then they began dating

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These 4 Politicians Aren’t Even Getting Their Own Families’ Votes in the U.S. Midterm Elections

You’d think the families of any candidate, conservative or liberal, would be surefire support, but that’s not always the case

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Hornet City Guides
The Hornet Guide to Gay Kansas City

Though Kansas City is growing, it will soon become one of America’s ‘It Cities’ — check it out now before it gets over-crowded

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