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Bachmann, Romney, Santorum Sign NOM Pledge to Beat Gay Marriage to Death

On the very same day that the American Psychological Association announced it has unanimously voted to support federal recognition of same-sex marriage – because, hello SCIENCE – the bigots over at the National Organization for Marriage are dancing around waving an idiotic pledge signed by a few of the Republican[…]

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GOP Debate Recap: Obama Sucks and So Do Gays [VIDEO]

Rather than focus on tearing each other down, and fighting for the top dog Republican spot, the Republicans focused entirely on Obama in the very first GOP 2012 Presidential debate on CNN last night. This kind of narrative is going to be difficult to sustain, because at some point the[…]

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Mitt Romney: We Have To Hang Obama By The Neck

Although we’re a gay blog, we shine our rainbow spotlight on other issues we find equally deserving of your attention and/or outrage. We watched this press conference clip three times this morning and had to pick our jaws off of the desk after each time. Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential[…]

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