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Donald Trump ‘Honored’ Elton John Last Night With the Most Bizarre of Rants

At his latest rally, Trump claimed to be breaking Elton John’s records — and this isn’t the first Donald Trump Elton John reference

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Montana Electoral College Member: ‘Gays Should Be Hanged’

“I think fruits are decorative. Hang up where they can be seen and appreciated. Call Wyoming for display instructions.”

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Our Election 2016 Guide to the Races You Should be Watching!

Even though Donald Trump won the presidency, so did marijuana, transit expansion and quite a few LGBTQ candidates in other races: here’s how it all shook out!

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MT State Rep Calls For Gays Who ‘Recruit’ To Be Jailed For 10 Years

Fun times in Montana: Fourteen years ago the Montana Supreme Court ruled that a state law criminalizing gay sex violates Montana’s constitution, yet the Montana Legislature has repeatedly failed to scrub the language, which places homosexuality in the same legal category as bestiality, from the books. This session’s effort, sponsored[…]

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Montana Votes To Not Decriminalize Homosexuality

Just so we’re all on the same page here, the United States Supreme Court effectively decriminalized homosexuality in 2003 (Gosh, that was recent). Walker Texas Ranger Lawrence v. Texas invalidated state laws throughout the country that made same-sex activity between consenting adults illegal. Dunzo. Peace! Some states refuse to read the[…]

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Is Medical Marijuana Saving This 2 Year Old’s Life?

Meet two year old Cash Hyde. Cute, right? The Montana toddler’s family and physicians credit medical marijuana with saving his life from a debilitating brain tumor. Cash’s father cites marijuana’s proven cancer-fighting properties and appetite enhancing power with bringing his son back from the brink of death when Cash was[…]

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Montana Strips Local Anti-Discrimination Laws; Removes LGBT Protections From Towns

A Montana House Committee has approved a bill that strips Missoula, Montana’s local anti-discrimination laws protection LGBT citizens of all power. That’s right folks, Montana has ordered one of it’s towns to allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender. The deplorable bill in question, Republican Representative Kristin[…]

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Montana Needs The Death Penalty To Protect Against HIV Spitballs?

Republican Rep. Janna Taylor has begged the Montana courts to not prevent the death penalty. Apparently Montana prisons are rife with cases of HIV positive prisoners killing prison guards with self-fashioned HIV spitballs. And we must kill these would-be killers! Except that’s not at all how HIV is transmitted. Taylor[…]

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