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What’s Old Is New Again: The Definitive Guide to TV Reboots in 2018

With all the TV reboots airing now, soon to release and currently the stuff of rumors, it can be hard to keep up

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The Dark Crystal: Jim Henson’s Cult Classic Was Almost Killed by Financiers

Yet another classic from Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, the film ‘The Dark Crystal’ almost had its production stopped due to moneymen’s concerns

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Why Is Everyone Sad About The End Of Miss Piggy And Kermit’s Abusive Relationship?

Miss Piggy used to slap and karate chop Kermit on national television throughout the ’80s — so why are folks sad that they’ve broken up? No really, why?

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5 Lost ‘Muppet Show’ Sketches You Probably Haven’t Seen!

‘The Muppet Show’ might be returning to US. television — check out 5 sketches that you didn’t get to see!

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