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Trump Administration Says It Wants to Lead Global Effort to Decriminalize LGBT People

While a concrete strategy isn’t yet laid out, the administration reportedly has plans to launch a global campaign

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Editors' Picks
London’s Russian Embassy Was Wrapped in Rainbow to Protest Chechnya’s Gay Purge

Yesterday a protest made its way to London’s Russian embassy, which was wrapped in a giant rainbow flag

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Editors' Picks
The Daily Sting, Tuesday: Yet Another Trump Appointee Bites the Dust, a PrEP Fail in Cali

Yet another Trump appointee is out as news of the resignation as United Nations ambassador makes the rounds

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News of the World: The LGBT Community Is Growing in the U.S. While Ghana Considers Criminalizing Us

In this month’s look at news from around the world, we discover that while LGBT community growth in America is higher than ever, Ghana could criminalize us

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IGLTA’s Annual Global Convention to Address the Tourism Industry’s Role in the Fight for Equality

Among the topics discussed at this year’s IGLTA convention is the special role tourism must play in the worldwide struggle for equality

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: A Harvey Milk Airport Terminal, Trump’s Anti-Trans Nominee, Man-Laptop Marriage

This week we have stories about San Francisco naming an airport terminal after Harvey Milk, Cynthia Nixon running for governor and a weird anti-gay activist

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Let’s Stop Trump From Sending an Anti-Trans Activist to a UN Women’s Commission

OutRight Action International just set up a petition urging Donald Trump to rescind his appointment of anti-trans activist Bethany Kozma to a UN commission

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Today Is Human Rights Day, So Let’s Celebrate Our Victories Over Tyranny Worldwide

69 years ago, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, granting every person inalienable rights — today is Human Rights Day

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17 Pro Athletes Sign an Open Letter Urging the United Nations to Keep the Olympics’ LGBTQ Protections

Though at first it looked like Russia and Egypt were defeated in their attempt to remove the Olympics’ anti-LGBTQ discrimination rules, they’ve got a new tactic to get their way

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Egypt and Russia Tried to Remove the Olympics’ Ban on LGBTQ Discrimination But Thankfully Failed

The two countries tried to block anti-discriminatory language from the Olympic Truce Resolution, which calls for peace during the Olympic Games

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