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Laws Haven’t Kept Trans Kids Safe In Schools. Could This New Guide Help?

A new guide has come out with tips and suggestions on how to fulfill the needs of trans students. Nothing else has worked — could this be the solution?

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Why Don’t We Have a National Ban on ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Yet?

The President and numerous American psychological associations say that reparative therapy seriously harms LGBT people. So why haven’t we banned it yet? Here’s why…

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MN School District’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Policy Leads to 7 Student Suicides

Minesota’s Anoka-Hennepin School District calls its sexual orientation policy “neutral”. but there is nothing neutral about preventing teachers from discussing homosexuality with students. The policy of silence, even in the face of out of control bullying against students perceived to be gay or lesbian, has led to no less than[…]

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