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We Asked These 4 Queer Native Americans How They’ll Be Spending Thanksgiving

For queer Native Americans, Thanksgiving can represent a whitewashed holiday of violent history, so we asked some queer Native Americans how they spend it

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A 1971 John Wayne Interview Reveals the On-Screen Cowboy to Be a Homophobic Racist

For no overly apparent reason, the interview from Playboy magazine is making the rounds on social media, and not for the best of reasons

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This Gay Twitter User Shares His Personal Experiences With the Students of Covington Catholic

On Twitter, this gay man offers up his own personal experiences in dealing with students of the private school

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Let’s Take a Deep Dive Into What It Means to Identify as ‘Two-Spirit’

Is Jason Mraz bisexual? It would seem so, but in his coming out interview, he identifies with Two-Spirit people. So what is Two-Spirit? Here’s an answer

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