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The Journalist Who Reported the Murder of Brandon Teena Now Calls Her Original Story Transphobic

In 1994, lesbian journalist Donna Minkowitz reported the death of trans man Brandon Teena. Her story inspired ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ but it was deeply flawed

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Our Election 2016 Guide to the Races You Should be Watching!

Even though Donald Trump won the presidency, so did marijuana, transit expansion and quite a few LGBTQ candidates in other races: here’s how it all shook out!

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No, The Orlando Shooting Wasn’t The Worst In U.S. History

This weekend’s Orlando shooting may have been the deadliest from a single shooter, but it’s not the deadliest shooting in U.S. history — not by a long shot.

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See You In Court! Nebraska Woman Files Suit Against All Gays And Their Allies

Sylvia Driscoll has asked a judge to declare homosexuality a sin (and that judge isn’t God). All gay people will be on trial… better get your suit pressed!

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NE Judge Won’t Let Gays Divorce, But Is Happy To Weigh In On Child Custody

File this one under mid-western family values – whatever the hell those are. District Judge Randall Rehmeier refused to grant a Nebraskan lesbian couple the divorce they are seeking, but didn’t hesitate at all to issue a ruling in the couple’s child custody proceedings. The Nebraska Constitution states “only marriage[…]

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