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This Master Pumpkin Carver Is Behind Some of Our Favorite Gay Halloween Creations

There’s your typical Jack O’Lantern carved to celebrate Halloween, and then there’s the work of this master pumpkin carver

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Gay NYC Artist Attacked on Subway Platform, Community Steps Up to Offer Help

On the morning of Aug. 1, Jeremy Sorese was the victim of a subway attack that has put him in the hospital. Now people are banding together to help him.

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Under the Cover of Night: 10 of America’s Most Famous Gay Cruising Spots, Past and Present

It’s illegal to have sex in public, but it’s also a fact that repressive laws often left LGBTQ people with few other options

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New Book ‘Queerdo’ Uses Photography and Illustration to Celebrate Unique Queer Bodies

The book, by photographer Matthew Dean Stewart and illustrator Stevie Hannigan combines the two artists’ work to celebrate our uniqueness

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Steam, Cool Down, Repeat: Our 4 Favorite New York City Bathhouses for Men

From the East Side Club to the West Side Club, here are four bathhouses to explore the next time you’re in the Big Apple

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Read This Homophobic 1969 News Article About the Stonewall Riots

You won’t believe the New York Daily News’ Stonewall article about the uprising. It’s equal parts condescending and revealing.

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Five Decades of Pride: 50 Things We Are Proud Of Leading Up to WorldPride 2019

Five decades on from Stonewall, LGBTQ people can live lives that would have been unimaginable 50 years prior

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Hornet City Guides
The Hornet Guide to Gay New York City

There are over sixty gay bars in New York City — and we’ve been to all of them

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The New York Public Library’s LGBTQ Archives Are a Treasure Trove of Queer Vintage Photos

Queer parties, protests and trans women who started the Stonewall Riots are all hiding in the New York Public Library’s massive photo archive.

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‘Drag Race Thailand’ Winner Angele Anang Is Heading to NYC for World Pride 2019

While Angele Anang’s reign has allowed her to share a message of love and inclusivity with Asia, this month she will reach an all-new audience, America.

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