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Our 5 Current Obsessions: Your Go-To Folsom Accessories, New Nike Platforms

Get ready for San Francisco’s biggest party with the perfect Folsom Street Fair accessory ideas in this week’s round-up of current obsessions

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Is Marriage Equality Safe Under Brett Kavanaugh?

The Brett Kavanaugh hearings have us worried: is marriage equality safe? At least there’s good news out of India; here’s what you need to know this morning

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Conservatives Are Literally Setting Their Shoes on Fire to Protest Nike’s Latest Ad Campaign

Conservatives have decided to protest Nike’s ads featuring Colin Kaepernick in a #BoycottNike campaign that involves them destroying their Nike products.

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Yep, This Exists: 5 Places You Can Proudly Wear Nike’s New Fanny Pack Sandal

With the brand-new fanny pack sandal from Nike, you can boldly go to your favorite summer places without having to worry about where you stuck your ID

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