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Op/Ed: Sex-Shaming in the LGBTQ Community Is Threatening to Tear Us Apart

Sex-shaming is a tool politicians use against the queer community, so why do we take on this same mentality when dealing with each other?

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New Study Suggests Younger (Boring?) Gay Men Are Seeking Monogamy

According to a new comprehensive study, higher numbers of younger gay men are seeking monogamy than previous generations — how boring

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INQ INTERVIEW: Equal-Opportunity Slutting Can Be Rough

Dating, mating, berating… Tony Breed covers the ins-and-outs of gay sex and romance in his web-comic, Muddlers Beat. We interview him and read more…

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INFOGRAPHIC: 50 Ways To Define Your Non-Monogamous Relationship

There are all kinds of romantic and sexual relationships in this world. Here are fifty alternatives to monogamous coupling that might be right for you.

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