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Watch These Insufferable Women Boycott Nordstrom to Avenge Ivanka Trump (Video)

In a viral video, a gaggle of middle-aged harpies visit Nordstrom to declare a boycott in response to the shop’s decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s products

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Donald Trump Angrily Tweeted About Nordstrom Dropping Ivanka During a Scheduled Intelligence Briefing

President Donald Trump spent his time during a scheduled intelligence briefing to write an angry tweet about Nordstrom being mean to his daughter Ivanka

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This Christmas, Shop at the AFA’s ‘Anti-Christian Boycott List’

Tell the anti-gay American Family Association to ‘shove it’ by patronizing the companies they tell their supporters to avoid

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Anti-Trans Boycotters Can’t Live In America Without Supporting Pro-Trans Businesses

Not only is it near impossible to boycott pro-trans businesses in America, the U.S. anti-trans movement is actually doing very badly.

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