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The Hornet Guide to Gay Oslo

From one-of-a-kind museums to luscious outdoor parks, gay Oslo has culture, history and nature, plus a thriving nightlife perfect for a night of fun

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Young Men in Norway Are Stocking Up on Prescriptions for ED Meds, and That’s Risky

Norway Viagra prescriptions increased by margins of 52 to 94% for men ages 15 to 29. While doctors disagree on the causes, the risks are more clear

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A Member of Norway’s Royal Family Accused Kevin Spacey of Groping Him at a Nobel Prize Event

Ari Behn, a man who was married to a Norwegian princess claims that Spacey molested him 10 years ago under the table at a Nobel Peace Prize concert

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Watch This Norwegian Footballer Strip and Put His Penis in a Trophy to Celebrate the Team’s Victory

This video of a Norwegian soccer striptease is going viral — not just because the jock in it is a sexy otter, but because of what he does with the trophy

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This Huge ‘Troll Penis’ in Norway Has Been Re-Erected

Last month, someone castrated the Trollpikken or ‘Troll Penis’ rock formation in Norway — but thanks to crowdfunding, Trollpikken rises again

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Norwegian Olympic Skier Leif Kristian Haugen Shows His Cute Ginger Ass

Norwegian Olympic Skier Leif Kristian Haugen heroically braved the winter cold to show us his ass. His Viking ancestors would be proud.

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There is No Such Thing as “Patient Zero”

Gaetan Dugas, the man called “Patient Zero” of the AIDS epidemic has been exonerated of the title via a new genetic study.

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Here’s How to Get PrEP for Free in Norway, the Second European Country to Cover It

Time to head to Norway — they just became the second European country to provide and fully cover PrEP!

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The European Union Says HB2 Violates Human Rights Laws

How bad are transphobic bathroom bills like North Carolina’s House Bill 2? The European Union says they violate international human rights laws.

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Updates On Marriage Equality From Around The World

Even though we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of having legalized same-sex marriage in the US, not every country has marriage equality; but we’re getting there!

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