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Barbara Cook’s Emotional Story of Her Son’s Coming Out Is Relatable to Moms and LGBTs Everywhere

Broadway legend Barbara Cook died early Tuesday morning of respiratory failure at the age of 89

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NPR’s Sonari Glinton is Obsessed with Old-Timey Crooners

Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, Sonari’s media diet was a carefully crafted mix of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and the Great American Songbook

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INFOGRAPHIC: Here’s How You’re Likely To Die In Each U.S. State

How are you gonna die? If you’re in Louisiana, it’s syphilis. In Washington, it’s meningitis. What about your state?

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‘We Make An Art of It’: Congolese Fashion Defies Stereotypes of African Poverty

Brazzaville and Kinshasa are two of the world’s poorest cities, and their colorful style of dapper Congolese fashion is drawing international attention.

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Which Of Your Organs Is Shrinking?

Science writer Kathleen McAuliffe tells NPR (and gay blog readers by default) that the human brain (Just the brain? Phew!) has been shrinking for the pass 20,000 years. Men apparently stopped being growers during our Cro-Magnon days. Researchers are debating whether it’s an evolutionary advantage (Smaller brains mean less aggression)[…]

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